Erasmus + Model of Youth Development for Employment



  • Foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth work with an emphasis on increasing the youth employment between Programme Countries (Poland, Romania) and Partner Country from the Balkan region (Serbia). Thanks to the creation and improvement of the partnership among organisations active in youth work, the project will empower young people to become more active on the labor market.
  • Improve the quality of youth work and non-formal learning in all countries taking part in the project, especially in Serbia thanks to the education of youth workers.
  • Promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries, especially targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving participants’ level of competences and fostering their active participation in society thanks to the creation of cooperation between Kolping youth organizations based on mobility activities.
  • Empower youth organizations to contribute to the increase in youth employment, thanks to the realization of capacity building project and to cooperate, create a network and develop peer-learning activities fostering efficient management and gaining new ideas, methods and tools.


  • Create more and equal opportunities for all young people in education and in the labour market
  • Promote the active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity of youth.


  • Youth workers from Poland, Romania, Serbia
  • Young people active on the labour market from Poland, Romania, Serbia
  • Young people active in the local communities




2 partner meetings:

  1. Coordination meeting in Serbia, Novi Sad; 8-11. May 2017 (9 participants)
  2. Summary coordination meeting in Poland, Zakopane (6 participants)

3 Mobility actions for youth Workers:

  1. Entrepreneurial thinking – in Serbia, Novi Sad: 26-30. June 2017 (21 participants, 7 per country)
  2. Social Entrepreneurship – in Romania, Timisoara: 25-29 October 2017 (21 participants, 7 per country)
  3. Managerial and Leadership skills – in Poland, Krakow: 16-20. May 2018 (21 participants, 7 per country)

Youth exchange action “Me on the labour market” – in Serbia, Sremski Karlovci: 13-18 August 2018 (31 persons: 24 participants + 3 leaders + 4 staff)

3 dissemination events for 113 participants from other organisations:

  1. Dissemination event in Serbia, Novi Sad: 20th of October 2018; (43 participants)
  2. Dissemination event in Poland, Krakow:  23rd October 2018; (35 participants)
  3. Dissemination event in Romania, Caransebes: 29th October 2018 (35 participants)


During the project implementation were created the following tools and project results:


- webpage dedicated the project in English, with few information translated into national languages of the project partners - Polish, Romanian and Serbian; link to the webpage:


- Facebook profile dedicated to the project in English language with the current information about the youth work and entrepreneurship activities for young people across Europe; Link to the profile:


- the best practice manual “Model of Youth Development for Employment - practical guide for entrepreneurship education” prepared and printed in 4 languages – English, Polish, Romanian and Serbian and also published online on the creative common  license CC BY NC ND 4,0 Link to online issu publication in english language:


- movie promoting entrepreneurship among youth in English with the subtitles in Polish, Romanian and Serbian  published on ionternetsites and YouTube service;


English version


Polish version:


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